Streets of Speed - Mayor 'zaps' speeders with road hump

A traffic study, initiated after an Action 4 News Streets of Speed report, has paved the way for a road hump to go up on a heavily traveled neighborhood street in Brownsville. Coveway Drive was the focus of a Streets of Speed report earlier in the month. The Speedzapper showed how too many drivers sped through the road as a shortcut to either Price or Old Port Isabel Roads. A Brownsville motorcycle cop worked with Action 4 News to ticket drivers during that report. The officer averaged 1 ticket every 3 minutes. More than 10 tickets were issued to speeders in just 30 minutes. All of the motorists were driving at least 10 miles per hour over the posted 20 mph speed limit. The city reduced the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph more than 2 years ago. The city TMs traffic director, Robert Esparza, said he thought it took care of the speeding problem in the area made up of both residential homes and businesses. Esparza said our zapping exposed a major safety hazard for drivers. He expects a road hump to be installed across both lanes by the end of the summer. The city also installed larger speed limit signs along the road. Click on the video link to see how the Speedzapper was able to bring action for the community in this week TMs Streets of Speed update.