Streets of Speed - Mercedes ISD Worker 'Zapped' in School Zone

A Mercedes Independent School District maintenance worker most likely wishes the Speedzapper did not return in this week TMs back to zapping episode. After a more than month-long hiatus from busting speeders, some drivers in Mercedes learned first-hand the importance of slowing down in school zones. The Speedzapper set up shop along Mile 1 East near East Eighth Street on Tuesday afternoon around 3 o TMclock. There is an elementary school and an alternative academy along the stretch of street. The posted speed limit is 20 miles per hour, not only during school hours as indicated on signage, but all the time as other street signs also showed. Drivers in the area were busted by the Speedzapper on radar 10, 20"even 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. One of them was a maintenance worker for the school district. Click on the video link to see what she had to say in this week TMs Streets of Speed in the City of Mercedes!