Streets of Speed - Mercedes Mom 'Zapped' an Astounding 3 Different Ways

Not even the blustery, cold conditions can stop the Speedzapper from protecting the streets.

And in the City of Mercedes, just outside the high school on Florida Street, there's undeniable proof of danger. The very first driver to be zapped on radar was a Mercedes ISD bus driver.

She was behind the wheel of bus #61.

Ryan: "Do you know how fast you were going? Driver: "No."

Ryan: "34... You're speeding in a school zone and you're a school bus driver?" Driver: "OK."

Ryan: "You need to slow down, right?"

Driver: "OK."

Jose Banales was picking up his cousin from school around the time of the controversial zapping.

"They should be setting the example for the rest of us... If they don't do it... What's make them think we're going to do it," Banales asked.

The zapping only got worse from there.

Ryan: "Hello miss|you know you're speeding 36 in a 20 mph school zone?"Speeder: "..."

The Speedzapper caught a mother without her seatbelt while speeding 10 miles per hour over the limit in the same school zone.

But she was also caught on camera with her two young kids, ages 4 and 9, crammed into the front seat and unbuckled as well.

That's against the law and extremely dangerous, according to law enforcement.

Ryan: "See your kids to the right... Should they ever be in the seat like that?"

Betty: "No."

Ryan: "Why are you allowing it?"

Betty: "Cause I was going to get out right now." Ryan: "What if you were in an accident? Are you even wearing your seatbelt?"

Betty: "No."

People driving behind "Betty" during the zapping called for immediate action.

"You should call the cops on her," Santigal Flores said. You know what we say to that?

"You've been zapped," Jose Banales said.