Streets of Speed - Near 'Speeder-Free' McAllen School Zone

Finding a school zone in the Valley that TMs speeder-free seems like a near impossible feat. Some people would liken it to the odds of winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning"twice! One McAllen school zone almost made it into the Streets of Speed record books for defying the odds outside Crockett Elementary School on Main Street. It TMs there where the Speedzapper set up shop after school Tuesday to check on a complaint from a parent about a non-functioning blinking light. Not only was the safety signage fully operational at the time, but drivers on our radar showed speeds well under the 20 mile per hour school zone limit. We also found parents patiently waiting to pick up their students, school crossing guards armed with cones and flags for extra protection and teachers helping to escort kids safely off the property. It wasn TMt until the Speedzapper was about to call it a day when our first speeder got zapped. She was a feisty driver too, busted for speeding 12 miles per hour over the posted limit. Click on the video link to see what she had to say as the sun set on what could have been a record breaking Streets of Speed.