Streets of Speed - No love for drivers who speed on Lovette Road

Love is in the air on Lovette Road in San Benito.

Donna Evans has been married for 40 years.

"What's the secret to love," the Speedzapper asked?

"Understanding," she said.

Greg Sanchez is thinking about his girlfriend on this holiday.

"What do you want to tell her," the Speedzapper asked?

"Happy Valentine's Day," he said!

Eldena Stevens has her two loves back home in Kansas.

"To my little twin grandsons, I'd like to say Happy Valentine's."

Juanita Valdiviez surprises her secret love on Streets of Speed.

"Who do you want to say Happy Valentine's Day to," the Speedzapper asked?

"To you... the speedzapper," she said. "Because I see you everyday... We love you!"

But do drivers show love to other drivers on a road bearing "love" in its street name?

Drivers who obey the posted 30 mph speed law are asked that question.

"Do you think drivers are showing love on Lovette this Valentine's Day," the Speedzapper asked?

"I don't think so... I saw somebody going really fast right by," Eldena said.

"I think they should," Greg said. "If they're speeding you know... You're supposed to follow the rules of the road. "

Juanita's husband says he witnessed a case of no love just minutes before interviewing with the Speedzapper.

"We were just complaining about that... Well... He's doing 40mph in the parking lot. I stopped... I said if you're crazy... Go ahead," he said.

Turns out, there is no love-fest on Lovette Road.

The Speedzapper's radar gun shows a number of speeders at least 10 miles per hour over the limit.

"Am I going to be on TV zapped," asked Dave Makey?

He's busted 11 miles per hour over the limit.

"Do you usually show love on the road," the Speedzapper asked?

"I do," he said.

Why is it important to show love while behind the wheel?

Some point to safety concerns in the area with faded paint on lane dividing lines.

Others fear for people who walk along the road because of no sidewalks, and the constant traffic near homes from a strip mall and Wal-Mart Super Center.

"Do not speed," Juanita warned.

Some people missed that holiday memo.

Gilbert Santana is one of them.

He's caught speeding 43 miles per hour.

"I got zapped," he asked?

"How did you know," the Speedzapper questioned?

"Once I saw you ... That's it," he said.

And just that quickly somebody could get hurt.

Drivers who obey the law warn others to show some love on Lovette or they could hear this: "you've been zapped!"

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