Streets of Speed - Pharr speeder uses melting ice cream as excuse

A woman in Pharr said her home is surrounded by speeders.

"They're actually coming into the yard," Corina Garza explained.

She's tried to quietly live her life at 701 East Polk Avenue near Fir Street over the last 30 years, but recent encounters with speeders have prompted her to speak out about the dangers.

She talked to the Speedzapper about how she wants the lawbreaking to stop outside her home.

"They're speeding so fast and can't stop and try to swerve and come into the actual yard itself."

But it wasn't just drivers along Polk who were busted on the Speedzapper's radar on Tuesday afternoon.

Fir Street speeders were zapped too.

Garza said they should all know what the posted speed limit is.

There's a 30 mph sign right across the street from her home, along with a few newly installed speed bumps.

The Speedzapper caught plenty of drivers who appeared to break the law.

Letty Gonzalez was not buckled in her seatbelt when she was caught on radar driving 41 mph.

Speedzapper: "Do you live nearby?"

Letty: "No, I live in McAllen."

Speedzapper: "Would you want this in your neighborhood?"

Letty: "No. Absolutely not."

Speedzapper: "What message do you have for other drivers?"

Letty: "Slow down."

Another speeder, who did not identify himself, had a unique excuse for driving 10 mph over the limit when questioned by the Speedzapper.

"I got ice cream that's melting man," he said.

Garza said she could scream over his ice cream excuse.

"I'm more concerned about the people in my neighborhood who are going to get hurt... And we see children playing in their front yard," she said.

More kids will fill the streets as a new school year is set to begin.

Ford and Buckner Elementary schools are right near Garza's home.

She felt the zapping could serve as a final warning to drivers to slow down.

"Hopefully you'll get the word," she said.

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