Streets of Speed - Police ticket lawbreakers in San Benito

Just like his tall grass, Mark Foster wants the problem with speeders mowed down outside his San Benito.

Unlawful drivers along South FM 345 near Business 77 ruin his landscape and put people in danger, according to Foster.

He used to just turn his head in shame at the problem.

But with the help of the Speedzapper, who called in San Benito police, Foster said he's now breathing a sigh of relief.

That TMs because speeders were ticketed right in front of his eyes.

Sergeant Isaac Vasquez did some trimming of his own by using his radar to single out those breaking the speed law.

Lawn care turned to road care along the stretch of Sam Houston Boulevard.

Foster said he knew the day would come.

It's good you guys are out here," he said.

The bridge north of Foster's home is the dividing point for speeds above 30 miles per hour.

Sergeant Vasquez said most speeders don't pay attention to the signage.

Daniel Valdiviz was busted on police radar at 13 miles per hour above the speed limit.

"I go through here everyday... And this is the first time I've gotten a ticket," he said.

Yolanda Hernandez Soto was busted for speeding 58 mph in a 40 speed zone.

"I'm just trying to get to a patient's house right now."

Rolando Guzman was the fastest at 19 miles per hour over the limit.

"I'm just following the other guy from a distance."

The hope now, others who drive near Foster TMs home will remember to slow down.

You TMve been zapped, he said.

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