Streets of Speed - Principal 'zapped' speeding, no seatbelt in Donna

Speeders often dish out a wide variety of excuses for breaking the law, but a Donna ISD middle school principal's excuse that he was "in a rush" to dismiss kids after school may just take the cake.

Martin Escobedo was zapped Tuesday afternoon for speeding and no seatbelt use outside Veterans Middle School on Goolie Road in Donna.

That's the campus where Escobedo said he is employed as principal.

"Actually, I'm a few minutes late to dismiss the kids here. I'm the principal," he told the Speedzapper.

His admitted behind-the-wheel actions angered many people in the community who believed he should be setting the example for others.

Speedzapper: We're out here trying to protect your students... And you're the one doing the speeding?"

Principal: Yea... I understand. I understand.

The speed limit is clearly posted at 20 miles per hour.

Almost the entire stretch of Goolie Road, which includes Salazar Elementary, is a school zone.

Speedzapper: Do you know what your speed is?

Principal: It's about 20-30 miles per hour.

Speedzapper: "33 miles per hour.

Principal: I can believe that.

Speedzapper: You don't even have a seatbelt on.

Principal: Ah, no I do not."

Andrew Yanez called the zapped principal a disappointment.

"He's supposed to be leading by example... He's not... But what can you expect... It's Donna," Yanez said.

Cris Zamarripa said speeders, like the principal, are a key reason why she drives her daughter to and from school.

Speedzapper: You don't trust the drivers?

Cris: No.

It's an early school year lesson-- nobody is above the law.

"You've been zapped!"

Donna ISD Superintendent Roberto Loredo called the actions of the principal unacceptable in this statement given to Action 4 News:

Mr. Ryan Wolf, thank you for keeping our streets safe in our Donna ISD school zones. It is certainly unfortunate that the person in violation of traffic laws was a DISD employee. I feel confident and expect that he will assume full responsibility for his actions.Click here to follow Ryan Wolf on Facebook.