Streets of Speed - Rare arrest caught on camera

Officers made a rare arrest during the filming of Streets of Speed Tuesday afternoon.

A Donna motorist was busted for a number of violations which included no driver's license for the last "4 years.

Jesse Garcia was pulled over outside J.P. Lenoir Elementary School along North Main Street.

Officer Candelario Hernandez originally spotted his passenger not wearing her seatbelt.

That discovery ultimately led to a domino effect for the other violations.

Garcia was driving without a license and his vehicle tags expired in November 2009, according to the officer.

Gonzalez told the patrolman her seatbelt sometimes didn't work properly.

But when the Speedzapper asked to see if it worked, the seatbelt buckled.

Speedzapper: "How do you think that's going to look?"

Cynthia: "Bad."

She got a ticket.

The Speedzapper asked Garcia why he was behind the wheel without a driver's license.

"The reason why I haven't gotten a driver's license is because I've been busy sir," he said.

He later admitted he was driving that way for the last 4 years.

Police discovered he was wanted on an outstanding warrant for $700 in unpaid tickets.

Garcia was handcuffed, arrested and his mother's vehicle impounded.

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