Streets of Speed - 'Responsible Speeding' Questioned in Hidalgo

There TMs a driver in the City of Hidalgo who believes the 15 mph speed limit outside Dr. Alejo Salinas Junior Elementary School is more of a loose guideline to follow.

I'm not a speeder... I just go the speed everyone else does," said a driver who would only identify himself as Roman.

He was clocked on the Speedzapper's radar at 24 mph.

Speedzapper: "Did you know it was a school zone?"

Roman: "Yes."

Roman called speeding at the school, the norm.

"Everybody goes 24, 30, 40 miles per hour."

Those speeds were in front of many students who walk along the street after school.

Roman said his speeding was okay because he follows the flow of traffic.

He also said he was ready to stop on a dime if needed.

"I'm a responsible speeder," he said.

Not everyone bought into that argument.

"They're not responsible," Jaime Castillo said. "If they're going over the limit it's not responsible."

Most speeders busted on the Speedzapper's radar didn't appear to bat an eye when stopped in the school zone.

Speedzapper: "Did you realize it was a school zone?"

Juanita: "Oh yes, of course I knew."

Williams Matos admitted he knew the speed limit at the school was 15 mph but still sped along 4th Street.

Castillo stands behind his belief, the speed limit is in place for a reason, and enforceable under the law.

Speedzapper: "Who suffers?"

Jaime: "The kids... It's a school zone."

Behind the wheel, it's a choice to follow the speed limit.

Castillo believes those who choose not too should be prepared to suffer the consequences.

"You've been zapped," Castillo said.

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