Streets of Speed - San Benito farmer sounds off on speeders

There's a feisty farmer in San Benito who just doesn't take kindly to speeders.

"A**hole," he refers to one of them as.

Much like his work in the field, Walter wants to clear out speeders along Russell Lane South of Business 77.

Most of them he says tend to accelerate well over the 30 limit.

"I've got radar and I caught them up to 70."

It angers him even more because road signs and road humps just don't seem to quite get the message across to drivers to slow down.

As an ex sheriff deputy from Oklahoma, Walter has a message of his own.

"Over there.. 5 miles over the limit... Pull them over the side... Write them up... Second time... Pull them to the side... Write them up... Third time take their license."

So who are the ones speeding?

Drivers the Speedzapper caught on our radar all turned out to live in the area.

"I was not paying attention," the unidentified driver said.

In addition to family homes, several schools are nearby.

Lupe Ayala is a San Benito police officer who shares his view on the problem with speeders in the area.

"The police department is just a few blocks from here ... And they're constantly out here running traffic... But still people come from Harlingen, they come from other places and they just seem like they're going to Wal-Mart or HEB in a hurry."

Problems also pop up from distracted driving.

Jennifer Fadely is zapped at 40 mph while on the phone.

"I normally do 30 through here... I was on the phone," she said.

Walter enjoyed seeing such quick results.

"To bad my boss isn't down here ... He'd be patting you on the back."

And while it's nice to see Walter crack a smile, it's even nicer to hear speeders say they'll make a change.

"Tell Walter I'm very sorry," Jennifer said.

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