Streets of Speed - Santa and the Speedzapper

Santa Claus made an early Valley debut this holiday season.

He urged the Speedzapper to do what he does best to help keep the roads safe, "zap" speeders.

That's exactly what happened along Highway 100 in Los Fresnos.

The Speedzapper called on Santa's helpers, the Los Fresnos Police Department, to help keep speeders in check.

Sergeant Martin Salinas wrote tickets to motorists driving over the posted 20 miles per hour school zone speed limit.

One person ticketed apologized for his error in judgment and asked Santa not to put him on the "naughty list."

It was his first ticket in 5 years.

Another driver caught speeding 12 miles per hour over the limit didn't think he deserved to be put on that "list" either.

But something else he said may just get him to the top of it.

Click on the video link to see what he said in this week's holiday edition of Streets of Speed!