Streets of Speed - Seatbelt violator arrested in San Juan

A driver was arrested during an episode of Streets of Speed.

Eric Guajardo was caught on camera trying to flee the scene of a seatbelt checkpoint set up in the parking lot of Doedyns Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon.

Two officers worked with the Speedzapper for the second operation aimed at cracking down on seatbelt violators.

A similar operation took place last week at a Weslaco elementary school.

Guajardo was asked to pull over to a designated area after an officer caught him without his seatbelt buckled.

Another officer was waiting to ticket him.

Guajardo was seen ignoring the officer TMs by trying to pull onto the main road outside the school to avoid a citation.

He was arrested for no driver's license or insurance.

Fines against him could balloon to more than $500.00.

But his arrest wasn't the only problem featured by the Speedzapper.

Click on the video link to see which parents got zapped for not buckling up their own children in this week's Streets of Speed.

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