Streets of Speed - Sergeant gives insight on how speeders avoid tickets

Attitude, honesty and past history with traffic citations all play a role in determining whether or not a speeder will be ticketed, according to Sergeant Daniel Gomez with the Cameron County Sheriff's Department.

It's not that the sergeant doesn't want to hold drivers, who put the public at risk, responsible for their behavior; he just likes to give the benefit of the doubt.

"Most of it is based on their driving record and what's the willful attempt," he explains.

Adan Rodriguez is pulled over for speeding near Los Fresnos Elementary School along Highway 100.

He's polite and answers the sergeant TMs questions directly.

After all is said and done, Adan drives off with just a courtesy warning after speeding 40 miles per hour in a school zone.

"Like I said I'm sorry."

Janie Guajardo is busted on police radar speeding 37 in a 25 near Resaca Middle School off FM 1575.

The substitute teacher tells the Action 4 Speedzapper how she's been having a bad day.

"I usually am very careful about these things, she said. And today was just one of those days... That my mind was somewhere else.

Her positive driving record helps the situation.

Sergeant Gomez says her last traffic citation was dated back to 2004.

Janie receives a courtesy warning as well.

"However keep in mind you're not always going to get a warning... This is the officer's discretion... Do you understand," he asks Janie?

"Yes sir," she responds.

The sergeant shares with the Speedzapper some inside information on who wouldn't be eligible for a break on a speeding ticket.

"We will not show that same leniency to people that show a history of reckless driving or a history of constant speeding."

Sergeant Gomez says drivers shouldn TMt expect all law enforcement agencies to follow the same protocols.

Many police officers will immediately issue tickets in school zones under a zero tolerance approach to speeding.

The best way to avoid getting a ticket is to watch your speed and obey all traffic laws.

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