Streets of Speed - Speed bump installed on 'zapped' Brownsville Street

The new road hump installed on Coveway Drive in Brownsville may not discriminate against color, make or model but it is slowing vehicles down.

The action is the result of a series of Streets of Speed stories dating back to July 2010.

The Speedzapper helped to get more police patrol, new and bigger road signs as well as the latest road hump.

Louis Forria said the positive transformation on Coveway Drive has made his neighborhood safer.

"I saw a pickup truck come flying down...didn't realize the hump was there... and ended up air born like in the Dukes of Hazzard," he said.

Those who also travel the road said they saw a difference too.

"We love the Speedzapper because he gets the job done," Cindy Cantu said. "We see results... and we see people all the time saying 'you've been zapped.'"

A city traffic study over the months proved there was a need for safety measures, according to Pat Ahumada, Brownsville's mayor.

He helped the Speedzapper spearhead the push for change.

"They [drivers] were using this as a thoroughfare at a high speed... It's a short street to connect from Old Port Isabel to Price...And it was causing problems so I'm glad we got it done," the mayor said.

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