Streets of Speed - Speeders & Unbuckled Kids Outside Harlingen School

Cindi Brent wants the sun to finally set on speeders near her home off Suncountry Drive and Palm Boulevard in Harlingen.

"[It's] Necessary and absolutely needed," she said about the Speedzapper TMs arrival.

Moises V. Vela Middle School is in the area.

There's a school zone speed limit set at 20 miles per hour.

"[It's] Very clear," Brent said. "There's no reason for people not to see the signs."

The Speedzapper stopped two drivers who each had an excuse for speeding.

Michelle Ratliff was one of them.

"I need to get to the house... my daughter needs to use the restroom."

Sandra Pena was the other.

Speedzapper: "Do you know you're speeding in a school zone?"

Sandra: "But it's not right now?"

The flashing lights were functioning during the questioning.

We showed each driver their speed on the Speedzapper's radar.

Speedzapper: "What does it say right here?"

Michelle: "39."

Speedzapper: "How fast is that?"

Michelle: "A lot."

Pena was driving 20 miles per hour over the posted limit.

Brent said it happens daily.

She's just glad someone's here to sound the alarm.

"I want them zapped," she said.

The zapping extended beyond speeding outside the school.

The Speedzapper also found none of the children in either vehicle stopped buckled up as required by law.

Each speeder had two young children with them at the time.

"I just live right here," Ratliff said.

Speedzapper: "But you know what can happen to those kids?"

Michelle: "Yes."

While disappointed, Cindi wasn't surprised.

"They're hurried... they're rushed... and don't realize the dangers," she said.

The hope now is that the two women featured this week for speeding will join the Speedzapper's efforts to safeguard the streets.

"I've been zapped," Pena said.

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