Streets of Speed - Speeders at a country club in Brownsville 'zapped'

Things aren't quite so picturesque at Valley International Country Club in Brownsville.

Many people blame speeders.

The posted speed limit is 20 miles per hour.

There are about a half dozen signs including several road humps.

Tom Rowles lives in the area.

"I don't go zipping through here... But I know people do," he said.

Turns out this area is a route for drivers between Central Boulevard and FM 802.

Rowles crunched the numbers and speeders don't save much time cutting through.

"You're talking a matter of seconds," he said. "When you do the math it doesn't make any sense to speed."

Jesse Garza, who lives at the country club, can only speculate on why speeders choose to ignore the law.

"I don't think it's ignorance... I just think they're trying to get home quick... Maybe they are trying to save on gas... I don't know," Garza said.

He's pretty close with his guess.

The Speedzapper set up shop near McFadden Drive to question those breaking the law.

Speedzapper: "We wanted to see why you're going so fast?

Myra De La Cruz: "Cause I have no gas... And I need to put gas.

Speedzapper: "Do you know how fast you were going?

Myra De La Cruz: "Like 30 to 40."

One driver who identified himself as "T" to the Speedzapper gave a different excuse.

Speedzapper: "Did you know it was 20 mph through here?

"T": "I wasn't aware of that."

Speedzapper: "How fast do you think you were going?"

"T": "Probably just a little over I guess."

Speedzapper: "What's it say on the radar?"

"T": "Wow that says 39."

Everyone zapped on radar Tuesday afternoon pointed to various forms of distraction as a reason for speeding.

Lee Larabee, a golf course manager, said speeders are fore-warned!

"Hopefully they're watching your channel," he said!

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