Streets of Speed - Speeders Zapped in Mercedes Nicest?

Rafael Olalde said the one thing that puts everyone at the Encore RV Park in Mercedes at risk was speeders!

"Some of them go by so fast that it is dangerous," the park's maintenance worker said.

Olalde believes speeders run the show along North Mile 2 West Road.

He estimated some drivers hit speeds more than double the posted limit.

"50 or more than 50 [mph]," he said.

Olalde worries little is being done to slow them down.

"Once in a while the highway patrol comes through here and gives a lot of tickets but traffic is bad through here," Olalde said.

The speed limit near Med High is 20 miles regardless of school hours.

Lou Fulkerson has lived at Encore RV Park, which sits across the street from the school, since 1997.

"People are ignoring it... cause they drive through here like speed demons," Fulkerson said.

Who are these so-called speed demons?

Turns out they're some of the nicest people ever zapped on Streets of Speed.

The first speed zapped was a female driver busted on radar at 34 miles per hour.

"I'm so sorry," she said during the interview with the Speedzapper.

The interviews with other speeders went surprisingly well too.

"Well, I guess I'll slow down for next time," said another driver who was speeding 38 miles per hour.

The fastest speeder at 47 miles per hour admitted his actions were wrong.

Speedzapper: 47. Think that's fast or no?

Driver: "Yea that's fast. That's fast."

But nice has nothing to do with the gas pedal, according to those who live in the area.

Every speeder zapped knew it too.

Speedzapper: "You understand why we're out here?

Driver: "I do... For the safety of the kids... I got kids too."

Most drivers caught on radar asked for the city to make the signage a little bigger to show the area is a school zone.

Fulkerson and Olalde were just happy to see the speeding issue finally being addressed.Click here to join the Speedzapper TMs Fan Page on Facebook!

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