Streets of Speed - Speedzapper called 'intimidating'

Hector Cantu doesn't mind spending money at the carwash for his ride.

But paying for a ticket because of speeding in his ride was something he called, "money down the drain."

That's why he supported the Speedzapper's efforts Tuesday afternoon to slow down drivers along Business FM 1015 in Progreso.

It's not just to save speeder TMs cash, but student lives too.

"Keep doing it [zapping]... Don't stop doing it," he said.

During school hours, the posted speed limit is 20 miles per hour.

Drivers don't always obey the law.

Rosie De Leon is the parent of a 6-year-old at Progreso Elementary East.

"During the day we see a lot... And we need somebody to stop that, she said.

But the Speedzapper's efforts to bring change weren't always well received in town.

"You intimidate a lot of people," Cantu said. "You're strict, you're firm and you don't back down."

Speedzapper: Do you drive thru Progreso often?"

Speeder: "Yes."

Speedzapper: "Did you know it was a school zone?"

Speeder: "Yes."

Speedzapper: "Did we just save you from a hefty ticket?"

Speeder: "Yes."

Cantu doesn't want to see students get hurt.

"They could run over a little kid.

Click on the video link to see who gets zapped and that's not all in this week's Streets of Speed!

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