Streets of Speed - Speedzapper flipped off in San Juan neighborhood

There's an area of San Juan where people rarely sit on benches or rocking chairs outside their homes.

Lupe Villagomez lives near the intersection in question at Oleander Drive off Owassa Road.

He said safety issues from speeders have trumped personal comfort.

Villagomez called it a darn shame.

"It makes me feel bad because people need to take responsibility," he said. "They need to slow down whenever they see the speed sign."

The speed signs read 30 miles per hour.

Villagomez helped the Speedzapper with his radar gun Tuesday afternoon to pinpoint just how fast motorists drove along the long stretch of street on Owassa.

"This makes me feel good," he said while holding the radar gun and reading off speeds.

Not everyone was as thrilled to see the Speedzapper.

The driver of a Ford Taurus gave the Speedzapper the middle finger.

He flipped him for almost a mile with his arm out the window.

"I've seen it," Villagomez said. "I know they don't like it because they don't think they're ever going to get caught."

Several speeders were busted on radar.

Most of them were 10 to 15 miles per hour over the posted limit.

"Eddie" was one of them.

Speedzapper: "What made you go so fast on this road?"

Eddie: "I wasn't paying attention."

Linda Acevedo was the fastest driver at 52 miles per hour on radar.

Her excuse for speeding was questioned by the Speedzapper.

Linda: "There's no houses here on the side."

Speedzapper: "Do you not see one right here?"

Linda: "Actually... Yea, there is one."

Villagomez called it no laughing matter.

"Just keep it up," he said to the Speedzapper. "These people ... They don't care about anybody else... Hurry, hurry, hurry."

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