Streets of Speed - Speedzapper gets help from law enforcement at Los Fresnos Middle School

Some wonder why it takes the sight of law enforcement or even the Speedzapper to get drivers to slow down in Valley school zones.

"Cause I see you on TV," one driver told Action 4's Ryan Wolf.

"Is this the Speedzapper," asked another driver? "Cool!"

An investigator with the Cameron County Constable TMs Department in Precinct 6 says it has a lot to do with the power of Streets of Speed.

"That it's working... It's always worked... And hopefully it will bring out a message to everybody," Investigator Dagoberto Perales said.

That message he says is to slow down at the sight of flashing yellow lights in school zones.

"The reason you were pulled over is because of your speed," the investigator said to a speeder near Los Fresnos. "You're doing 36 in a 25 mile per hour school zone."

The Gators at Resaca Middle School on FM 1575 are supposed to be protected by a reduced speed limit.

But not all drivers obey the law right outside the school.

The investigator helps zap the problem by issuing tickets.

Carlos Rodriguez gets one.

"When I came down here I was already doing 30," he told Perales. "Then I slowed down because I saw the 25."

"Once you were in the school zone sir... You were doing 36," the lawman said. "I'm not going to argue with you... We can take care of it in court."

The fastest driver to be zapped is Janie Vega.

Her speed is 37 mph.

"Any particular reason for your speed today," Perales asked her?

"I'm sorry," Janie answered. "I wasn't really noticing."

But unlike the first driver caught breaking the law, Janie didn't argue with the investigator.

Instead she owns up to her mistake made while on a trip to the car wash.

"I apologize and I shouldn't be doing this... And I hope it never happens again... And I TMll make sure that it won't," she said.

Her candid message doesn't go unnoticed with Perales who issued her a warning instead of a ticket.

"We'll give her a warning this time... [she] Didn't argue... She was very cooperative," he explained to the Speedzapper.

Janie is thrilled to learn she'll be getting another chance.

"I'm very glad that I just got a warning ... It'll snap me in... Keep me on my knees... And I can tell other drivers to be careful and not do it again... Cause it's wrong," she said.

The constable's department reminds all drivers to slow down in school zones for the safety of everyone.

"Don't get zapped," Perales said!

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