Streets of Speed - Speedzapper Mocked, Driver Ticketed

This episode is for the little guys.

The tiny students along Eldora Road in San Juan who venture into streets, often times oblivious to the danger around them.

They drive 60 miles per hour, Ricardo Gonzalez said.

The veteran crossing guard smacked his hand-held stop sign to show the Speedzapper how he would really like to see speeders be punished.

There are two elementary schools along Eldora Road: Reed-Mock Elementary and Dr. Trevino Elementary schools.

In lieu of corporal punishment outside the schools, the Speedzapper explained to Gonzalez how we TMre here to zap drivers who speed over the 20 miles per hour school zone speed limit.

The Speedzapper even asked San Juan Police to tag along.

For one speeder, it was all apparently too much.

He's invading my privacy, the unidentified driver said to an officer on the scene. I'm not an artist that he can be recording me... take the camera off."

She was busted just shy of 10 miles per hour over limit.

Veteran Officer Jesus Ramirez explained to her how the street she was on was a public road and how she was violating the law.

She needs to be exposed of course, he said. I don't know why people are trying to avoid this... it's the reason why we're out here."

The Speedzapper was mocked by the driver after he tried to question her about her speed.

Ryan: "You got zapped for speeding in a school zone... How come you were going so fast?

Speeder: Ohhhhhh... How come I was going sooooo fast? Get out of here!"

Rookie Officer Cesar Jaime was surprised to see her reaction.

I was just trying to get the message out that she does need to respect the traffic laws," he said.

But the lack of respect to the Speedzapper also carried over to the police officers.

When it was time for her to receive a ticket, the woman in question refused to roll back down her window.

Instead, she held her hand out of a partially cracked window and looked forward with her visor turned outward.

Her actions were a stark contrast to that of the other driver zapped.

I saw the school but I guess I wasn't really paying attention," Alex Esparza said.

Esparza credited the Streets of Speed program for reeducating motorists on the importance of obeying the speed law.

I wasn't paying attention so maybe somebody like me can learn something."

Fines are higher in school zones.

Officers warn drivers to pay attention to the speed limit in order to avoid problems in school zones.