Streets of Speed - Teens zapped in Hidalgo, 1 driver is license less

Juan Laureano walks home after school because he doesn't have his driver's license.

You can imagine his reaction when he sees a fellow teen get pulled over in the City of Hidalgo without a driver's license.

"She should get a ticket," he said.

Hidalgo PD's Reymundo Gonzalez says it's not unusual to find unlicensed drivers in the city.

But he admits they put everyone else on the road at risk.

Stephanie Arteaga is originally pulled over for speeding in a school zone.

It's 20 miles per hour outside Valley View Elementary on South Mccoll.

Stephanie is zapped at 30 miles per hour.

The Speedzapper questions Stephanie about her actions.

She simply giggles when asked, "What happens if you were to get into an accident and you don't have a license?"

It appears to be fun and games on the patrolman's second stop too.

Alondra Andrade's was zapped on police radar at 37 miles per hour in the same area.

Officer: "Any reason why you're speeding? Do you have an emergency miss?"

Alondra: "It's cause I'm feeling sick and I need to go to the doctors."

Officer: "How sick miss?"

Alondra: "I have temperature."

The teenage driver turns down the officer's invitation for an ambulance.

He believes she's making the whole thing up, as typical with other young drivers who try to get out of a ticket.

"How often do you get excuses like that," asked the Speedzapper?

"A lot," the officer said.

"A lot."

So is Alondra sick to the point that she needs to speed nearly double the limit at an elementary school?

She giggles as well when the Speedzapper asks, "do you think they're going to believe you're really sick?"

Officer Gonzalez isn't laughing in either case.Both the sick speeder and the license less lady are ticketed.

They're two teens who Juan says walk a fine line with public safety.

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