Streets of Speed - TxDOT to review 55 mph speed limit on zapped street

The angelic-like peace and quiet of a neighborhood on the outskirts of Mercedes has been washed out by the sounds of speeders.

"We can't sit in our backyard," Ken Milton said.

The vehicles right behind his home along Rio Rico Road or FM 491 travel so fast that some people say they sound like a small missile or aircraft.

"I'm sure they're going 70 mph," Ken explained.

He lives south of Business 83 near 17th Street.

The speed limit heading north on Rio Rico is 45 miles per hour across from where Ken lives.

But the speed limit heading south is 55 miles per hour, despite Ken's subdivision on the same side of the street.

Ken and his wife can't fathom why the fastest speed wasn't pushed a little farther south where four lanes become two in the rural area outside the city limits.

He uses trees and shrubs along the fence line as a barrier to protect his property.

Eddie Torres, who lives near Ken, says things have only gotten worse since the road was expanded to four lanes.

"They use this as drags... And they go through here full speed," he said.

The Speedzapper clocked speeds as fast 71 mph on radar Tuesday afternoon.

People say the speeds are even faster in the early morning hours and at night.

Ryan: "Would you have moved here if this had been a 4-lane, 55 mph zone?

Ken: "Oh no... Definitely not."

Mercedes Police Chief, Olga Maldonado, says she is aware of the danger on Rio Rico Road.

She says her department has unsuccessfully tried to get the speed limit reduced in the area.

The chief says she has little authority because it's a road operated by the Texas Department of Transportation or TxDOT.

The state now plans to revisit the posted speed limit after the Speedzapper contacted TxDOT following Tuesday's Streets of Speed report. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook pageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on Twitter

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