Streets of Speed - Weslaco speeders get icy reception at raspa stand

For more than two decades, Grandma's raspa stand on 601 North Airport Drive in Weslaco has brought people relief from the sizzle of the sun.

"Nothing cools you off more than a raspa," Derick Morales said.

But the owner of Grandma's said he also wanted to put the chill on a problem right outside his business.

"There's a lot of speeders," Morales said.

It didn TMt take long for the Speedzapper to get a taste of the danger.

The speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

On radar, drivers were zapped as fast as 42.

"I never really thought you guys would be out here," Morales said. "We just need to stop the traffic thru here that's going so fast."

The Speedzapper called on Weslaco P.D. to help give lawbreakers an icy reception.

Angel Morales is a customer at Grandma's.

"They're going to be cool and hot... when they get the ticket... they're going to be really hot," he explained.

The mere sight of the Speedzapper, along with law enforcement, caused most speeders to freeze in their tracks.

But one driver, Elma Hernandez, was pulled over for speeding.

Laura Hernandez, a front passenger in the vehicle in question, spoke to the Speedzapper about the problem with speeding.

"Somebody could get run over," she said.

Grandma's owner doesn't want it to be a customer.

Many of them are just kids, according to Morales.

His message to drivers was for them to obey the speed law.

"Keep it safe.. and get you a raspa here at Grandma's!"

Just as numerous as the flavors at his raspa stand, so are the reasons to slow down.

"You've been zapped," Morales said.

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