Streets of Speed - Woman admits to driving with expired insurance

From doing chores to riding bikes, two young cousins in Olmito like do everything together.

They even share the same scary stories about speeders.

"I usually see the cars come by going ... Vroom, 4th grader Hector Arreola said! Like as fast as they could be going!"

"We were getting the trash can... And then somebody fast came... And he just honked at us," 2nd grader Yonathan Pecina said.

Their tales of danger on Anacua Street just off the expressway are shared by a Cameron County Deputy.

Patrolman Ruben Garcia works just up the road.

"With the homes being so close in proximity...We have a narrow roadway out here... Somebody is going to get into an accident. There's no street lighting out here... And it becomes a hazard," he explained.

The speed limit is 20 miles per hour.

It's reduced from 30 miles per hour for drivers heading west from Naranjo Road.

Homes that line the street are very close to the pavement.

There's also a sharp curve with a road hump near the expressway.

The cousins say they don't want anyone to get hurt.

"You guys... You better slow down or else we're gonna call the cops on y'all... And then you'll get a lot of tickets."

They're right about the tickets.

"The reason I pulled you over is because I noticed you were driving 32 miles per hour in a 20 mile per hour zone," Deputy Garcia said.

Mary Ramirez and Osiel Rosenbaum are first to be zapped after the Speedzapper calls in for help at the sheriff's department.

Osiel is busted for speeding just shy of 10 miles per hour over the limit.

"I don't know... Usually this right here... I drive slow... I don't drive that fast... Honestly... For me... I think I was going the speed limit correctly," Osiel explained.

Mary is the fastest speeder zapped.

"How many times would you say you passed that 20mph sign," the Speedzapper asked?

"I don't know... A million times," she responded. "It's just something I didn't check... I just drove."

She's also the only driver zapped without insurance.

Mary admits she just let her premium expire.

Speedzapper: "How do you think other drivers are going to feel who are lawfully behind the wheel and pay their insurance premiums?"

Mary: Yes I know... They're going to be mad."

Some city law enforcement agencies tow violators on the spot.

Cameron County sheriff deputies will only tow a vehicle if the following three items are missing: driver TMs license, proof of insurance and proof of vehicle ownership.

The cousins warn violators should all be zapped! Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook page.

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