Streets of Speed - Zapped Edinburg Road to receive $10K in safety improvements

The writing's on the road.

Safety improvements are coming to Mile 17 1/2, which is also known as Russell Road in Edinburg.

The Department of Public Works has mapped out the upcoming changes on paper and marked off where some $10,000 worth of new signage, guardrails and reflectors will be installed following last month's visit by the Speedzapper.

Speedzapper: "Does this spell bad news for speeders?"

Public Works: "Yes sir... It sure does."

Fred Ramos hopes the new improvements will keep people like himself a lot safer in the area.

"Maybe now we can sleep a lot more at night without worrying somebody is going to fly into one of our houses," he said.

Fred's referring to a recent fatal wreck where a car was catapulted into the air.

Police believe alcohol and speed were factors in the crash.

Those who live along Russell peg the unmarked road hump as another factor.

The hump was created when a county irrigation canal was paved over.

At night, drivers fly over the hump at high rates of speed, according to one homeowner who was thinking about relocating her home as a result.

The city has been taking action on all levels.

Edinburg police officers have issued more than a hundred tickets in the days that followed a Streets of Speed episode in March, according to a police spokesperson.

The city's Public Works Department is stepping in now.

Tom Reyna, assistant director for the department, shared with the Speedzapper details on the changes.

"We're going to re-stripe 17 and a half... With double center lines...we're adding raised pavement markings... reflectors... We're also going to have some guardrails along the side... along with bump ahead and speed limit signs in front of the irrigation canal."

Fred believes the action, which is scheduled for completion by the end of the week, proves how the "zapping" works.

"People do listen to the zapping because it makes them aware that there is a problem and slows people down."

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