Streets of Speed: Speedzapper Nearly Hit By Car

It was a close call for the Speedzapper, Tuesday afternoon, after he was nearly hit by vehicle while filming a Streets of Speed report along Bagley Drive near Mission. Araceli De La Riva, a mother of six who lives in a subdivision on Bagley Drive, called the Speedzapper to try and get speed limit signs installed along the road. She said there are none in the subdivision. Turns out, most rural county subdivisions lack the road safety signage, according to Mingo Villarreal, Hidalgo County Coordinator for Precinct 3. Villarreal admitted he did not know what the speed limit was along Bagley Drive. I cannot tell you, he said. Common sense tells you 5, 10 miles per hour. It turns out he was wrong. Hidalgo County Constable Larry Gallardo said most areas in the county without speed limit signs have a limit of 45 miles per hour. Villarreal believes immediate change is needed after witnessing a number of close calls without proper signage. He was armed with the Speedzapper TMs radar gun to see just how fast 45 mph is on a street lined with a number of family homes and children. Click on the video link to watch this week TMs edition of Streets.