Streets Of Speed: Teacher Busted Speeding

An email to the Speedzapper through the Action 4 Listens Line, raised concerns about a lack of police patrol along Business 83 in La Feria.

The viewer stated how speeders often tailgate at high rates of speed and go unpunished by the law.

But when the Speedzapper checked out the area Tuesday afternoon, he saw an officer on patrol and tickets issued to speeders.

La Feria Police Sgt. Jorge Cavazos, Jr. said he patrols the school zone that stretches through Business 83 virtually every day.

Police Chief Dona Garcia pointed out how officers on dayside shift are required to work traffic in school zones as part of their duties.

The Speedzapper tagged along with Sgt. Cavazos to help raise awareness to motorists that the city TMs efforts to curb speeders in school zones will continue until the last day of school.

Click on the video link to see who was zapped in this week TMs Streets of Speed.