Streets of Speeder - Summer 'zapping' begins in Mercedes

Norma Cosme delivered a message to speeders who live in Mercedes"slow down!

"We have to take care of our own city... And if we don't take care of it... Who is going to take care of it," she asked?

Right outside her home near Texas Avenue and Eighth Street in Mercedes are lots of speeders.

One of them busted on the Speedzapper TMs radar spoke out.

Mari Cantu: "I wasn't going fast."

Ryan Wolf: "How fast do you think you were going?"

Mari Cantu: "I was going 25."

Ryan Wolf: "What does it say on the radar gun?"

Mari Cantu: "35."

Ryan Wolf: "Does that sound like 25 to you?"

Mari Cantu: "No."

Mari Cantu and the two other speeders zapped Tuesday afternoon on camera weren't your run of the mill speeders.

They were all well aware of the permanent 20 mile per hour speed limit.

Ryan Wolf: "What's it say?

David Salinas: "31... In a 20... Sorry about that."

Perhaps most puzzling, they were also all weekly fans of Streets of Speed.

Most would argue they should know to slow down on Valley roads.

"You're doing a good job|we're proud of what you're doing at Channel 4," Josie Posado said who was busted on radar speeding 11 miles per hour over the limit.

Cosme has made some changes.

Rules have been instilled to safeguard her family.

"My kids have to actually stay inside... I can't have them around because people don't stop... Few accidents."

She'd like to see a traffic light installed.

Increased police patrol would help too, she said.

"Anything can happen... a child gets killed... By the time the cops get it here... It takes forever."

The drivers zapped on the Speedzapper's radar admitted they aren't in the wrong alone along Texas Avenue.

"I guess people get distracted," Salinas said. "We should be aware... I know school is out but it's still like a school zone."

Cosme is glad her message is out.

The Speedzapper shared a personal promise of his own.

Ryan Wolf: "We're going to continue zapping streets like this to safeguard the public all summer long.

Norma Cosme: "That would be so helpful!"

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