String of auto burglaries ends with two arrests in Mission

Two people connected to a string of car burglaries in Mission are now facing some serious charges.

Mission police said the suspects were strategically targeted parking lots without a police skywatch unit.

The raised boxes with police lights on them are used for surveillance to deter auto burglaries.

The parking lot the suspects were caught burglarizing cars, didn TMt have one the day they were caught in the act.

Christina Lee Mungia and Jose Angel Gonzalez were charged with burglary of vehicles this morning.

The two were arrested Monday when an officer pulled them over on Highway 107 and Bentsen Palm Drive.

Investigators said they are responsible for half a dozen auto burglaries in parking lots along Expressway 83.

Mission Police Cpl. Manuel Casas said Skywatch is an essential tool in fighting crimes like this one.

"They record 24 hours a day, and we try and put them in strategic areas, Cpl. Casas. Also the businesses hire security and they hire police officers as security guards."

Police caught the two suspects in a white van that was spotted on Sunday by a police officer working as a security guard.

Inside the van were the items that were stolen.

Investigators are looking for several other people connected to the string of car burglaries.

They expect more arrests to be made.