Struggling family in need of home

After a fire destroyed Maria Puente's home last year in Edinburg she and her four children have been living in this run down trailer she bought for $1000.

But the floors and walls are rotting, the stove doesn't work and the ceiling is literally caving in.

Maria says her family was left with nothing after the blaze.

In the wake of the losing everything they owned, maria and her husband still have four children to provide for.

This trailer is all they could afford for their children. Her husband is a migrant worker who doesn't have steady income and she sells items at a flea market to make ends meet. But this home is not suitable for her 11 year-old daughter Stephanie Martinez who is disabled.

They need a trailer with a ramp to get Stephanie in and out of the home.

And without a car, getting Stephanie to doctor's appointments has become extremely expensive.

After word of her situation got out at church, her kids got a much-needed Christmas surprise Monday afternoon.

Michael Donavon, a boy scout with the 1954 Boy Scouts Troop out of Saint Joseph TMs Church in Edinburg was able to raise more than $3000 dollars in gifts for Maria.

An emotional surprise that left her speechless.

"I think everyone needs to have a really good Christmas, said Michael Donavon. They deserve it.

An overwhelming stockpile of donated clothes, toys, even mattresses and a washing machine now fill Maria TMs home.

All the family needs now is a livable home. Stephanie says all she wants now is a big beautiful home.

And even though the Christmas spirit shown here today was certainly enough to warm the puentes family in this chaotic time, they are still in need of a livable home.