Student allegedly shaken by principal

Ninfa Borrego said the principal at Jose Borrego Middle School crossed the line, after allegedly shaking her 11-year-old child. "He told me Albert was in the restroom and they couldn TMt get him out...he said they called the police and they were going to file charges on him ...and [I was like why]?" Borrego said she rushed to the middle school, only to find her son crying in the restroom. Only then did Ninfa notice the red marks all over the front of Albert TMs face. A Hidalgo County Sheriff deputy was called to the scene and questioned Albert. Ninfa claims she went to the principal's office---only to hear him say, "I am tired of Alberto Borrego, I am tired of Alberto Borrego...I can TMt even look anywhere without hearing about Alberto Borrego." Ninfa said when she returned to her son the deputy informed her that the principal had allegedly shaken Albert. She admits Albert has been called to the principal's office before, for acting up. She said what her child is claiming happened to him this last time isn't right|she claims the principal went too far. "I understand that the teacher was probably fed up with him because he deals with Albert daily. I don TMt disagree with them disciplining him, but the principal who doesn't even deal with him on a daily basis and to do what he did|I mean he TMs not even with Albert." Ninfa said her son is on ADHD medication and has been since second grade. We tried calling and emailing Monte Alto ISD for a comment, no answer as of yet.