Student busted with Xanax pills arrested

Brownsville Independent School District police arrest an 18-year-old for having tablets of Xanax with him near a school zone.

According to BISD spokeswoman Drue Brown, Dylan Barriguete, a student at Hanna High School was arrested and charged with possession of a dangerous drug, making terroristic threat and resisting arrest on Monday.

Barriguete was stopped by an district police officer who was on special assignment at a school zone near Hannah High when he allegedly became aggressive with the officer.

When officers took the 18-year-old into custody, investigators found the drugs on him.

Barriguete remains in custody at the Brownsville city jail.

Action 4 News did check with BISD to see if Barriguete would be expelled or suspended from school.

Brown says The district will need to review the charges against Dylan Barriguete and make a determination based on the offenses committed. However, the student could face possible expulsion up to 180 school days at JJAEP.