Student gunman dies after school shooting in Brownsville

Authorities are investigating the death of a student gunman following a police officer-involved shooting at Cummings Middle School in Brownsville.

According to Brownsville PD spokesman, J.J. Trevio, police were called around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, about a student with a gun in the hallway.

Trevio said an officer responding to the scene shot 15-year-old eighth grade student Jaime Gonzalez.

Paramedics rushed Gonzalez to Valley Baptist Medical Center where investigators the student passed away.

The school was placed on lockdown for most of Wednesday while police checked the campus.

Investigators said Gonzalez used a pellet gun during the incident and displayed it in a threatening manner.

Students from Cummings Middle School are being transported to Porter High School, where parents can pick them up.

Police are conducting an internal investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

Investigators reported that another student is being held for questioning.

Brownsville police held a 4 p.m. press conference about the incident.

Investigators said Gonzalez pointed the weapon at officers and did not back down.

The case is now being investigated by the Texas Rangers.

Brownsville ISD Statement:

A male 8th grade Cummings Middle School student brandished a weapon today at approximately 8 AM in the school TMs main hallway. School administrators immediately contacted the Brownsville Police Department and BISD Police and Security Services. The school initiated standard lock down procedures. Law Enforcement Officers responded to the scene immediately. The student engaged the officers and was shot. He was transported to a local hospital by ambulance. No other students or employees were injured. After the shooting, law enforcement officers searched the entire school room by room. A staging area for Cummings Middle School parents was created at the nearby Ringgold Civic Pavilion located in Dean Porter Park where they received more information from school administrators. All Cummings students and employees are being relocated by school buses to the Porter High School gymnasium while officers investigate at the school. The relocation should be complete by 10:30 AM. The lockdown was lifted at 9:50 AM. Both the Brownsville Police Department and BISD Police and Security Services will be investigating this incident. Cummings has a student enrollment of approximately 750.

Classes Moved:

Cummings Middle School students and employees have been relocated to the Porter High School main gymnasium. Parents who wish to pick up their children are asked to report to the Porter High School small gymnasium where district administrators will be processing the release of students. School counselors are available to talk to students, parents, and employees. Cummings Middle School students who are not picked up today will receive regular transportation services from Porter at the end of the day.

Cummings Middle School will be closed to students on Thursday, January 5, 2012. Cummings classes will be held at the new Daniel Breeden Elementary School located at 3955 Dana Road. Breeden which was recently completed is vacant. Cummings students who ride school buses will be transported directly to and from Breeden Elementary from their bus stops. Students who walk to Cummings will be taken to and from Breeden on school buses from the Cummings campus. Parents who provide their own transportation are asked to drop off and pick up their children at Breeden. These arrangements are for Thursday, January 5 only.

Regular classes and school operation will resume at the Cummings Middle School campus on Friday, January 6, 2012.