Student hospitalized after being bullied at school

A mother claims bullies at a Lyford Middle School sent her 6th grader to the hospital.

Like any parent, Veronica Castro wants to see her son succeed at school.

Devin is a friendly 'A' and 'B' student, but the 11-year-old is having trouble making friends at his school.

"They're always picking on him, trying to pick fights with him, and I've gotten scared. It's gotten worse to the point where he almost got stabbed," the upset mother said.

That was in November while at Lyford Middle School.

Castro claims at that time nothing was done.

"He broke the pencil and tried to stab him, and my son put his backpack in front of him. It tore because [he was] trying to defend himself," explained Castro.

She said the bullying didn't end there.

Castro claims it got worse. Just this week, Devin called her crying. He said three students took his iPad and refused to give it back.

"Started pushing him against the wall and he was trying to get away so he pushed him to get him off of him," said Castro.

Devin claimed one of the alleged bullies punched him in the face several times. Disoriented, his mother said, her son couldn't even defend himself.

"His balance was completely lost, and he started seeing blurry," recalled Castro.

Castro said administrators at Lyford Middle School failed to notify her.

When she learned about the incident, Devin was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

She is demanding action be taken, so we took her concerns to district.


The school district refused to go on camera, but released this statement:

The District, due to confidentiality concerns, does not respond to specific allegations related to student issues.

However, rest assured, that all cases involving student discipline and bullying are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.

Ultimately, our Student Code of Conduct and policy addressing bullying is followed when dealing with student discipline and/or bullying. Student safety is always foremost on our mind.

In this particular case, the matter was dealt with in a fair and consistent manner and any discipline decision that was made was done so after considering all information available.

We understand that sometimes parents disagree with our decisions. With all due respect, the District ultimately makes unbiased professional decisions based on information gathered from the investigation of the incident.

Castro said the school wanted to give Devin in-house suspension for the incident. She does not agree with the way the Lyford School District has handled the bullying situation with her son.

Thursday, she enrolled her Devin at Raymondville's Myra Green Middle School.