Students get anti-sexting, anti-cyberbullying education

Manuel Casas with students

School districts in the Rio Grande Valley are taking a proactive approach to combat sexting and cyber bullying among youth.

This week, a Mission police officer told hundreds of 8th grade boys why age does not matter when it comes to possessing child pornography.

Technological advancements are making sexting and cyber bullying more common among teens and even children.

Many people are unaware that young adults can receive jail time or be required to register as a sex offender because of what is on their phone or social media.

Mission Police Cpl. Manuel Casas recently visited Memorial Middle School to educate more than 200 eighth grade boys on the issue of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is a class a misdemeanor in Texas, which could carry a one year sentence in a juvenile detention center. The students were told stories of teens who committed suicide because of relentless cyber bullying.

Casas says out of the hundreds of 8th graders he spoke too, very few new beforehand knew how harsh penalties were for cyber crimes.

Casas reiterated the importance of teaching the consequences of cyber crimes because education can save lives.