Students make texting and driving documentary

Several high school seniors from Edinburg North High School are on a mission.

"What we are required to do is put video together on the impacts of texting and driving", said Senior Valeria Rodriguez.

The four Seniors are members of Business Professional of America, and as part of a video production team, are creating a documentary on texting and driving.

"And how it affects people", said Rodriguez.

The teens have been doing their homework, interviewing different people on the texting and driving topic, including Action 4 News.

The teens interviewed Action 4's Melissa Vega about the company's Let It Ring Campaign.

The Campaign asks drivers to put down the cell phone while driving, and don't text and drive.

Through their research these teens say they've uncovered startling statistics.

"We found out that for every text message that you send, that's about five seconds that you are not looking at the road", said Senior Valeria Rodriguez.

"So for every hour, that's about five minutes with your eyes closed, and things like that were pretty scary", said Rodriguez.

Through out this process, the teens tell Action 4 News they have also changed their own driving habits.

"I'll admit I did text and drive, and from the facts we've read, it's bad", said Senior Amber McCallum.

Senior Marco Moya tells Action 4 News, "I've learned a lot actually, because I personally before this project did text and drive, and at the time, I didn't know how dangerous it actually was", said Moya.

"Through this project, I've actually learned it's more dangerous than driving while intoxicated."

These students hope their school project will be an eye opener for their peers, realizing that texting and driving is dangerous.

"You know it's really not worth it at all", said Senior Ryan Romero.

"You're risking not just your life but everyone else's around you" said Senior Marco Moya.