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      Students Oppose Guns on Campus Bill

      Students at the University of Texas at Brownsville oppose a proposed bill that would allow licensed concealed handgun owners to carry their weapons on campus.

      Francis Chanelo said although people have to go through training before getting their license, it TMs hard to try to guess people's intentions when they are armed. She opposes the bill.

      "It can be used to cause harm " I mean yes, it might be used as a safety issue, but I don't think it's such a good idea, Chanelo said. I find it more as a threat to all of us."

      Norma Valencia said she doesn't want fellow students armed, but she wouldn't necessarily oppose some kind of extra security at the hands of administrators and professors.

      "Maybe (allow) the professors that have been here for so many years (to carry weapons), they're not going to risk their PH.D, Valencia said. But as far as students carrying them I don TMt think so because the population here is about 12,000 to 13,000. I wouldn't feel safe."

      The bill by Rep. Allen Fletcher, R-Cypress, would give state colleges and universities the chance to opt out of the law, if it's approved by students and staff.

      Gilbert Olvera, another UTB student, said he supports measures to hire more police and security to have on campus, but not this bill.

      "If there isn't any guns, there's less violence, if there's guns you're just asking for something to go wrong," Olvera said.

      Erika Ortiz said going to class and not knowing which of her fellow classmates was armed, would be a huge distraction from her studies. She adds it would not prevent a determined criminal from hurting other students.

      I think it's stupid, they shouldn't be allowed to do it, Ortiz said. It's up to campus police and security, and the (U.S.) Border Patrol that's right next door to protect us, not ourselves. It'll just get out of hand.