Students, parents react to alleged rape at PSJA North

The alleged rape of a 17-year-old girl on campus at PSJA North is stirring student emotion.

"It's embarrassing for our school, said student Raymond Lazo.

Raymond Lazo said his school, known for good attendance and a rising football team, is now marred.

"The hallway is locked up now, and there are cops now at school everywhere, said Lazo.

The alleged rape of the 17-year-old happened Thursday afternoon inside the boy TMs locker room.

Seventeen-year-old Adrian Duron and another 16-year-old boy reportedly took the girl into the locker room and sexually assaulted her.

Ruben Montes is the father of a 15-year-old girl at PSJA North.

He said he's disgusted.

He, like other parents at PSJA North, was never notified about the alleged rape.

The school district said they didn't send out a letter to parents, because the incident was isolated.

Montes said he hopes the school district will hear his message, that they need to better protect students. The school district said Pharr police are now investigating.

Pharr police reportedly arrested the two boys Friday.

The school district said no more information will be released until the police investigation is complete.