Students walk barefoot through mud to get home

When it rains, it pours on FM 408. And when it pours in La Paloma the caliche covered dirt road is a mud pit.

The animals forced to live here are clearly uncomfortable and the nine families are downright angry. Nereyda Gutierrez and her neighbors called on Action 4 News after years of dealing with the unpaved, unmaintained road off Espinoza Road just outside San Benito city limits.

They don't even know how they will get in or out of their street anymore.

Her daughter and other students have to walk through the mud to get to and from school.

"There are 7 kids that walk through here, the busses don't want to pass through here, they just leave us right here in the corner. We have to walk from there all the way to our house in the mud," said Carla Guiterrez. Plus the state of the road makes it dangerous for emergency vehicles to transport a patient which was the case when Nereyda's mother needed to get to the hospital recently. EMS didn't think it was safe to drive through here without getting stuck. They all want help getting the attention of whoever is supposed to be in charge of this road so we called on Cameron County Commissioner Dan Sanchez since this is in his district. Turns out it's not that simple.

"In order for the county to accept this as a public road it has to be up to standard and it wasn't up to standard," said Sanchez. Sanchez says the owners of the subdivision are responsible for bringing it up to standard. We contacted the property owners who passed the buck back to the county, but we had them speak to each other until a compromise to find a solution was finally made.

"If they come up with the material to pave, we will pave it," said Sanchez. The families who pay a monthly fee of 200 plus dollars to the owner of their homes and taxes to the county remain confused over which entity will take responsibility since they've been getting the run around for 10 years. They can rest assured that Action 4 News will stay on top of the muddy matter. The commissioner will bring the issue up in commissioner's court and is asking the subdivision owners, not the families, to come up with roughly $80,000 for materials and the county will front the manpower to pave FM 408.

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