Sullivan City gets '21st Century' sewage plant

A large project, that was years in the making, will finally bring Sullivan City up to par.

"It is a good a good thing, said resident Daniel Flores.

Resident Zoila Hernandez agreed.

It TMs a great thing because there is opportunity for more businesses to come in here," she said.

Both Flores and Hernandez said they have lived in this small city for years and never thought about the impact a wastewater treatment plant could have on their community, until now.

The thought of bringing in business is nice but Flores said getting rid of the smell would make him happiest.

"What they do is they get these people to come and drain everything out, Flores explained. When they do that it creates a problem---because the smell alone creates a problem."

The only problem City Manager Rolando Gonzalez foresees is people will not be happy that they now have to pay for sewer collection.

"A lot of them are going to be unhappy because they're going to have to pay a monthly service charge, said Gonzalez. In the long run they will see the benefit of having sewer service."

The collection service will apparently be based on income"so some people might not have to pay anything at all.

But no matter what resident fork over the installation of this wastewater treatment plant will bring this small city into the 21st century.