Sullivan City police chief arrested

It is a city nestled along the U.S./Mexico border.

Now it is part of a federal investigation involving their police chief. While the details of Chief Hernan Guerra TMs arrest are unclear, because the indictment against him is sealed.

"Things like these happen and we just have to keep on doing our jobs," said Sullivan City Manager Rolando Gonzalez. Gonzalez said as soon as he heard about Guerra TMs arrest he immediately appointed investigator Eloy Trevino as Interim Police Chief.

"We have to keep on serving the community," said Gonzalez.

Trevino told Action 4 News, despite the controversy, the department will move on. "Our patrolmen are out working, said Trevino. We are here for the city....any need, any emergency--we're still here. Gonzalez said he wants to assure the public that law enforcement will continue to do their job, keeping the city safe.