Sullivan City police department combats drug war

Local police departments are on the frontlines of the drug war.

Just days after Napolitano cancelled the virtual fence project; Sullivan City police confiscate over 700 pounds of marijuana.

Sullivan City police officer Joshua Rodriguez calls the failed virtual fence a waste of money.

He said the proof comes with yet another drug chase where boots were needed on the ground.

"That was just a waste of money, ma'am," said Rodriguez.

Officer Joshua Rodriguez patrols the streets of Sullivan City scoping out possible drug runners.

"Just trying to reduce the amount of drugs passing towards the rest of the valley," he said.

Monday night police confiscated 756 pounds of marijuana after the alleged drug runner tried outrunning the law.

He knocked over a fence and finally bailed out.

"The officer was unable to locate him," said Sgt. David Rocha.

Officer Rodriguez said pursuits are almost a daily occurrence, but he said even a virtual fence wouldn't stop drug traffickers.

"They'll always find a way to get across," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said instead, money should be invested in more man power.

"I mean we do have border patrol, we have sheriff deputies, troopers, but it's more like the people here-the drug runners-they outrun us 10 to 1."

Rodriguez said because there are so many people in need of some quick cash, drug traffickers have been able to recruit more and more drug runners and scouts to be on the lookout.

"So right now-they're watching us?" asked Action 4 News Reporter Erika Flores.

"More than likely|more than likely they are," he responded.

They even wait in the brush for the opportunity to sneak drugs across, but even with just over a dozen officers in the department, Sullivan City police continue to work the city limits conducting traffic stops when they see something suspicious.