Sullivan City store owner fights off armed robber

Sullivan City robbery

A man was arrested in Sullivan City for storming into a family TMs convenience store with a shotgun, attempting to rob the place.

Rosa Gonzalez said she, her husband and her mother were inside the store when the attempted robbery happened.

The suspect, caught on surveillance video, was seen walking into the store on Guadalupe Flores Road.

Right before the suspect stepped inside with the gun, he was intercepted by Rosa TMs husband.

Rosa said her husband and the armed man got into a scuffle.

He was able to wrestle the gun away from the man, but only after the gun was discharged.

He was yelling for my husband to let go of the gun, Gonzalez said. But my husband didn't want to let go becuase he was afraid he would do something worse. So he had to drag him to the door and when they got there, he let go and my husband stayed with the gun."

The bullet hit a panel right above the cash register where Rosa was standing.

The bullet shattered some glass, but no one was injured.

Rosa's mom, who was in the store at the time and suffers from heart problems, was in distress.

The family said she was okay after taking her medication.

The suspect was caught by police thanks to video and eye-witness accounts.

He remains behind bars on aggravated robbery charges.