Sunrise Mall shooting prompts Mexican travel alert

Shooting at Sunrise Mall / File Photo

The Matamoros Chamber of Commerce has issued a travel alert for Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley following a shooting at Sunrise Mall.

Brownsville police report the suspects remain at large while the victim remains recovering in a local hospital.

The Hoy Tamaulipas newspaper reported that Matamoros Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) President Roberto Salas Martnez issued the travel on Monday.

Salas told Hoy Tamaulipas is was a direct result of the shooting and other violent crimes on the American side of the border.

The Sunrise Mall incident happened days after the shooting of a 15-year-old boy by Brownsville police at Cummings Middle School.

The Chamber of Commerce president added that Mexican nationals have been victims of crimes at Valley night clubs and other locations.

Hoy Tamaulipas reported that Chamber of Commerce officials are asking Mexican nationals to avoid the nightclubs and driving late at night.

The alert follows a similiar travel alert issued by the Federation of Tamaulipas Chambers of Commerce back in August 2011.

Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) is the only government agency which can issue official travel alerts.

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