Superintendent announces permanent replacement for terminated principal

Edinburg North High School

The Edinburg CISD superintendent has chosen a permanent replacement to become the principal for Edinburg North High School.

A spokesperson for the district told Action 4 News, Mark Micallef will replace Ramiro Guerra at the school.

The districts school board voted 4 to 2 to terminate the longtime Edinburg North principle after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced.

Allegations Guerra TMs attorney denies.

"I will tell you without exception Mr. Guerra did not do anything inappropriate on this trip that would warrant a termination," attorney Tiger Hanner said.

Hanner told Action 4 News the school district has never told him or his client what they were investigating an why Guerra is being terminated.

The district refused to tell us what Mr. Guerra is being accused of, Hanner said.

Action 4 News obtained a copy of a police report filed by the teacher alleging sexual harassment.

According to the report Guerra began following her to her room, kissing her on her neck as he followed her and then he allegedly told the teacher You know you want me, I would be stupid not to try and be with you.

Hanner said Guerra was interviewed by the district and then placed on administrative leave.

"They asked about an Avid trip to San Antonio at no time did they ask what he allegedly did or what he allegedly said," Hanner said.

Hanner stresses the claims are baseless.

Last night four board members voted oust him, the board president Juan Sonny Palacios abstained from voting while Jaime Chavana voted against Guerra TMs termination.

Guerra has worked for the district for 33 years.

His attorney claims he has never had any allegations of this type brought against him.

"He was voted principal of the year, received an award for the entire state of Texas and with those credentials and that track record, we aren TMt asking for the benefit of the doubt, we are asking for fairness, and that hasn TMt happened," Hanner said.