Superintendent reassures student's safety in San Benito

The San Benito school district going the extra mile to help ease parents' fears about their child's safety at school, following the Sandy Hook massacre.

Superintendent Antonio Limon issued a letter to parents outlining the specific safety measures at school campuses.

In the letter, Limon tells parents there's video surveillance at all campuses and school buses, metal detectors and police officers at middle and high school campuses.

And despite copy cat cyber threats emerging nation-wid, Limon said his district is as prepared as it can be in case of emergencies.

"We take every threat seriously," said Limon.

It's clearly posted outside San Benito High School - any visitor without legitimate business as well as weapons - are prohibited on campus.

These are not new rules, but Limon said school and student safety is something administrators and district police are reviewing, following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut Friday.

"We reviewed the plan, and our plan we felt has always been a good plan, said Limon. We just tweeked it here and there, where we needed to and it continues in place and we're comfortable with it."

Cyber threats of possible violence at schools in the days to come, surfaced nationwide Wednesday.

Causing panic amongst parents here, Limon said they are not taking anything for granted and are interviewing students and following up on leads of suspicious activity.

"My comment to those people that were calling is that we are as prepared as we can be, we're vigilant, our staff is vigilant you know the police chief has been out patrolling the schools this morning."

In the letter, Limon lists the current safety measures the district has in place.

Surveillance cameras are located at all campuses and dispatchers are on duty monitoring them 24/7.

Mandatory visitor check in of all visitors and electronic scan of their state issued I.D, staff must wear identification at all times and security guards and police officers are in place at secondary campuses.

District Police Chief Santiago Garcia said the district is doing their part to keep every student safe, and is asking parents to understand his officers have an obligation to investigate potential threats from any student - in order to prevent another major tragedy. "We're not after anybody in particular, said Garcia. We do want to stay alert and we want to know who is who and we do need intelligence and do get information, and that's what helps us, go after some of these students that are causing problems or give us trouble.

The letter is also posted on the school district's web site.