'Supersized' roaches sneak into restaurant busted with 54 demerits

Roaches in restaurant

Querido Mexico Lindo Y Que Rico on 2403 Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville is the dirtiest restaurant this week on Food 4 Thought with 54 demerits.

Large sized roaches are caught on a trap inside the kitchen.

A customer's complaint about hair allegedly in food sparks the initial inspection.

During the check up, a kitchen cop also finds an off-temperature cooler by as much as 22 degrees.

There TMs also no soap in the restroom.

Food handlers aren't washing hands as required or wearing hairnets for proper hygiene.

Health department photos show the restroom in disrepair, open food containers in the cooler and a cross-contamination violation with a container found on top of open shrimp.

Taqueria El Taco Loco on 3995 Old Highway 77 in Brownsville scores a crazy amount of demerits with 41.

It's a low performer.

Dirty photos taken by an inspector show some of the filth.

It includes a cutting board on the floor, a microwave that's chipped on the inside along wtih a hole in the wall and dirt on the floor.

Christina Razo says she tries to avoid places that don't keep it clean.

"Have you ever been to a restaurant where you saw some dirty stuff?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked. "Yes," she said.

"How did it make you feel?" Ryan asked. "Uncomfortable," she responded. "It made me think twice about eating there again."

That doesn't bode well for other low performers like Taqueria Fiesta on 1605 North Texas Boulevard in Weslaco which scored 27 demerits.

The restaurant is caught with off-temperature meat, no hairnet use, unsound condition of beef in a plastic bag, a cross-contamination violation linked to ice and dirty equipment.

The Food Patrol heads inside the eatery to see if things have been cleaned up.

Esther, who's a waitress at the restaurant, allows the Food Patrol to look around.

She says they work hard to ensure cleanliness.

"We sweep, we mop, we clean the tables with the thing so everything we do everything is to maintain and clean," she said.

McAlister's Deli on 3620 Expressway 83 in McAllen is this week's featured top performer with a zero demerit health inspection score.

The Food Patrol awards the restaurant with a top performer sticker for their hard work.

Assistant Manager Leiann Zamora wants the sticker to signal to customers a good experience all around.

"That we got a clean place for them to come and eat," she said.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleQuerido Mexico Lindo 2403 Boca Chica Blvd (54) *Roaches/Complain of Hair in Food*El Taco Loco 3995 Old Hwy 77 (41) *Dirty Utensils/Cutting Board on Floor*

WeslacoTaqueria Fiesta 1605 N Texas (27) *Unsound Condition of Beef/Cross-Contamination*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

McAllenMcAlister TMs Deli 3620 Exp 83Whataburger 1000 E NolanaSalads Plus 1424 E RidgeLittle Caesar TMs 6101 N 23rdCoast Asian Bistro 7100 N 10th

BrownsvilleWhataburger 3500 W Alton Gloor

PharrLittle Caesar TMs 6201 S CageWhataburger 1410 S CageUncle Roy BBQ 602 E Bus 83

EdinburgDona Tota Gorditas 1633 W University Dr

HarlingenKFC 201 S 77Villa Pizza 2000 S ExpPapa Joe TMs Burgers 422 N L StBig John TMs BBQ 3906 W Bus 83