Surfrider Foundation Concerned Over Trashy Beaches

Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter Chairman Rob Nixon shot video On Isla Blanca Park recently that shows trash scattered on the sand and shore.

"The closest way to describe it out here, is a landfill at the end of the day," Nixon said about the footage shot.

He also said it's a sight becoming too familiar on South Padre Island.

"There's trash up and down the dunes, on the beaches, Nixon said. Plastic bottles, (juice) containers, broken-down pop-up tents - you name it it's there."

Fellow surfer and Island business man Vern Lewis agrees with Nixon.

He said a dirty image is bound impact business.

"South Padre is known as the Riviera of Texas, and it's imperative the beaches stay clean for all visitors," Lewis said.

But the Islanders said what's even worse is that county parks officials aren TMt taking action against litterers.

They said those who leave trash on the beach, should be cited.

"The usual response is ~we can TMt ticket somebody for dropping their trash, TM Nixon said. (They said) they actually have to witness a person drop the trash, walk-off, and leave it and then not come back again - which makes it almost impossible to enforce a law if you're actually going to follow it that way."

Cameron County Parks Director Javier Mendez said a crew leaves at the break of dawn, everyday, to clean-up county beaches and empty trashcans.

Mendez said the footage Nixon shot may have been taken just before the crews got to that site.

Mendez also said the parks department is working with the constables office to start giving out more citations to litterers.

Nixon said while he waits for that to happen, he's taking matters into his own hands

"We go out with a trash bag and we start picking-up trash, Nixon said. If we see someone drop trash. we ask them to pick it up very kindly and a lot of people will do it - and it's also not unusual to come across a person that gets pretty confrontational about it."